Motor propellers are the ones that most need to be changed on boats. These changes are due to wear or may have to be changed prematurely because one of the propellers was split during offshore navigation. For all those who are looking for a propeller you can enter easy navigation, in its web portal you can find a great variety of propellers for boats.

Propeller Duo Prop C5

One of the propellers for motors that has a greater sale, is the propeller of stainless steel duo prop C5. This model of propeller is made of stainless steel, is ideal for the tail of boats duo pro 280 or 290. The advantage offered by this type of propeller is the speed, by placing this propeller in the boat, it will have a maximum speed during navigation.

Thanks to the fact that it is made in a material of stainless steel this is a product that has an excellent quality. In its design we can find that it is flat in the blades and its axis is a bit sharp, this allows that it has a great resistance during the twisting, in this way the captain can have a fast acceleration of the boat.

One of the advantages of this type of motor propeller is its easy installation, in addition the product comes with the equipment for its installation. Easy sailing only markets nautical products from the best European companies.

The best quality and safety

This is a product that has a warranty of two years, shipments are made within 7 business days after having made the purchase of the product; in case the person does not want the product or does not meet their needs, the returns are completely free.

At all propellers for engines pass through various test systems to verify their quality and benefits offered to boats.