The care of your boat on probable blows deserves special attention and that is why Barcos.OnLine, offers you buoys boat protection and defenses for a safe mooring.  

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In the safe harbor there will be other boats that go out to sail, so you must have buoys and defenses that allow you to make maneuvers of docking or departure with the necessary safety.

Buoys and fenders to protect your boat

The buoys and fenders are special products to protect the hull of your boat in contact with the dock or with another boat, at the time of berthing, or once docked.

Keep in mind that you must take your time when maneuvering and take into account the wind and current.

With a boat buoy, not only do you protect your boat, but you defend it from blows when you get to the dock, there are inflatable or fixed mooring buoys, as well as many models to choose from, that you can adapt to the needs of your boat.

As far as boat fenders are concerned, there are many types that allow your boat’s mooring to be safe, and the company offers you long pontoon fenders, blanket fenders, bumper fenders and articulated fenders, these have an angle for corners that are dangerous.

Usually these fenders are placed in the widest part of the boat, having different measures depending on the length.

The best thing about these fenders for a safe mooring is that you can place them yourself easily. There will be days when you will go sailing alone, there these fenders will avoid major damage, protecting your pontoon area.

Where can you get them?

Barcos online offers you a wide range of fenders and buoys for your boat, at an unbeatable price, with a wide variety and quality. They offer discounts of up to 40%, with a guarantee of up to two years.

In addition, you will find products of the highest quality at unbeatable prices. In this nautical shop we offer you the greatest variety of boat buoys.

They have more than 20 years of experience, sell directly from the manufacturer to anywhere in Europe, and their commitment is to offer high quality products, having as north choose the best products that we put on sale in our store.

No matter the size of your order, when purchasing any of its products (such as boat mooring), regardless of the weight or size of the package, you will have a flat rate of shipping costs, for only 4 euros.

Also, you must take into account that, if you are not satisfied with the product received, you can return it completely free of charge.

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